Tutorial: App Filesystem Structure

App Filesystem Structure


This is a quick guide into the ins and outs of developing and running apps within Blackrock.

The Getting Started guide would have given you a simple introduction in to building a basic service. This guide, however will deep dive in to everything that you can do within apps on the Blackrock Application Server.

Primary (Root) App Folder Structure

Each app on Blackrock shares a common folder structure. This section explains the expected folder structure or hierarchy for each service. We will delve deeper in to some of the secondary structures for the folders listed below later within this guide.

Path Description
~ / TBC
~ / app.json TBC
~ / database.json TBC
~ / controllers TBC
~ / data TBC
~ / html TBC
~ / libraries TBC
~ / locale TBC
~ / models TBC
~ / tests TBC
~ / tests / unit TBC
~ / tests / functional TBC
~ / views TBC

Controllers Folder Structure (Secondary)

As described above, all Controllers for your service are kept within the "~/controllers" folder. Below, we are going to describe what the content of this folder actually looks like for a sample app.

Data Folder Structure (Secondary)


HTML Folder Structure (Secondary)


Libraries Folder Structure (Secondary)


Locale Folder Structure (Secondary)


Models Folder Structure (Secondary)


Tests Folder Structure (Secondary)


Views Folder Structure (Secondary)